MSG’s Geo-Demographic Services are Critical Resources in Natural Disaster Preparation

Marketing Systems Group’s deep understanding of surveying and market research, coupled with our innovative products and services, have proven to be an invaluable resource to the survey research industry since 1987. 

MSG’s team, particularly our GeoDemographers, offer an array of services such as: Demographic Data, Reports, Maps, Geocoding, Spatial Analytics, Custom Geographic Frame Designs, and Census Information. Our GEO-DEM clients range from market researchers, public safety and emergency management, utilities and communications companies, health and human services, and transportation providers.  

Whether our GEO-DEM services are utilized by government organizations looking to survey evacuated residents following a hurricane, or by insurance agents concerned with mapping their route to get to clients’ homes following a natural disaster; MSG supports our clients by providing accurate telephone numbers and up-to-date addresses for any given location across the country. 

With MSG’s Geo-Demographic Services and experts, clients not only have access to maps, demographic data, and surveying tools, but more importantly, the peace of mind knowing that MSG has consistently provided highly-accurate datasets for researchers and responders.

Geo-Demographic Services

  • Real-Time Reports
  • Accurate, Reliable Datasets
  • Customizable Geo-Demo Mapping
  • Trusted Industry Expertise 

Reports & Mapping

Whether utilized when remapping a county’s flood zone following a harsh hurricane or to prepare your town for tornado season, we offer an array of comprehensive mapping services to give researchers and responders a digital visualization of any area. Our experts have the training and technologies to produce an array of digital maps in .PDF, .JPEG, or shapefile format which can then be used for large-format printing. Visit our online Resource Center to view some examples of MSG’s mapping capabilities. 


With the data provided by MSG’s Geo-Coding Services, responders and researchers can quickly & accurately identify individual addresses in the wake of a natural disaster. We can provide the most recent census, postal, and demographic data for any given geographical location across the country, and our custom-tailored geocoded datasets are designed to seamlessly integrate into our client’s existing GIS or data science software systems.

Data Cleanup

When researchers, responders, or other parties are reliant upon large demographic or geographic datasets following a natural disaster, individuals on the ground have neither the time nor the energy to waste on correcting or working with inaccurate intel. By turning to Marketing Systems Group for Data Cleanup, our GEO-DEM team will ensure all records and reports are accurately verified, and all datasets are entirely up to date.

Consult with MSG’s GEO-DEM Experts Today!

With the seemingly endless number of variables factoring into establishing disaster plans from public, private, or governmental standpoints, utilizing Marketing Systems Group’s expertise offers clients a strategic advantage over the wrath of Mother Nature.

Whether you’re looking to improve upon emergency evacuation routes within the transportation sector, identify high-risk households during a hurricane, or conduct a natural disaster case study for any given area or application, look no further than MSG’s GEO-DEM services to help increase safety in any given area.


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