Meet MSG’s New President, Srinath Sankar

Srinath Sankar

Marketing Systems Group is proud to announce the appointment of Srinath Sankar, as President. Srinath has over 20 years of data and technology experience, including a decade of strategic growth and plan execution for MSG. Srinath is poised to lead the company in its mission to help customers use data and technology to enable research.

Ever since he started at MSG, Srinath has championed core values like quality of service, product efficiencies, innovation, and flexibility. 

“I am very excited to lead the MSG team,” Srinath says. “Marketing Systems Group is a talented team that has earned the reputation of keeping the customer at the center of the solutions we offer.  As the industry evolves through technology migrations and data availability, I believe MSG can provide a cost effective and timely suite of products and services to help organizations with their research operations and data needs.”

Srinath received a BS Computer Technology degree from PSG College of Technology, India, a Post Graduate diploma in Management Information Systems, and an MBA from the Haub School of Business, Saint Joseph’s University.  

Using his expertise in Data Mining and Business, Srinath has developed a keen eye for emerging business challenges and the most relevant variables impacting those challenges. His consistent focus has been on solutions where business and technology merge: improving data products and boosting engagement with panelists, customers, and clients.  

When he was Sr. VP of Product Development, Srinath played a vital role in the evolution of MSG’s data products and the ARCS platform. In this role, he envisioned a new future for ARCS—where panel management and recruitment, kept participant engagement at its core. He built multimode management options into ARCS, gave it an international scope, and expanded its global support team. Srinath shepherded the product as it evolved to meet customers’ needs over the last decade—improving its analytics, engagement features, and data visualization tools resulting in an accelerated product growth in multiple verticals. 

Ask anyone around the office, and you’ll hear what an incredibly hard worker Srinath is. You’ll hear stories about his early years at the company when he’d stay up all night in the office, just to solve a thorny tech problem, or meet a customer’s needs. You’ll hear how he’s always been a quick study, persistent in his quest to keep learning, keep innovating. You’ll hear about his fundamental sense of fairness, how he treats team members and customers with utmost respect. To see a good guy as capable as Srinath rise through the company ranks and get to this point is genuinely satisfying for us all. 

Congrats, Srinath!

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