Why Paid Research Technology is Essential for Safe and Accurate Studies

We live in a day and age where a lot of the tools we use are free. There are free word processors, free search engines, free video editors, free photo editing tools — free everything, it seems. But one question we’ve often thought about is, “should we use free research technology?”

The Reality

Free research technology is abundant. With tools like Google Forms, Dropbox, SurveyMonkey, and more, we’re left with quite a few options when it comes to choosing a tool of our liking. But is this right? Is this the best, most ethical way to complete research?


The Downsides of Free Research Technologies


Free research tech, while abundant, does two things very poorly:

  1. Protects Data
  2. Systemizes Workflow

These two aspects of research technology are essential for industries where reliable data is the foundation of their business. A solution to these problems, found at the core of free research platforms, is the implementation of a proven research study and participant platform such as ARCS.

Data Protection

Unlike free surveying and research platforms, ARCS does quite a few things when it comes to data protection. Not only does it keep your participant’s information safe, but it also offers an efficacious and streamlined solution for collecting and housing data in the long term. This data is extendable and scalable to your growing business and can help you become more effective in completing your long-term objectives.

Improved Workflow

Programs like ARCS are built to conduct surveys, foster multi-channel engagement, compile data, and return it to companies to use as a powerful tool to help drive business. Within the cloud-based platform, ARCS users can centrally index and store information, enable redundancy reduction, automate scheduling, engage using multi-touchpoint interactions, and implement management tools that enable a long term solution that you can count on.

Engage Your Panel

If your goal is to manage and maintain highly-engaged participants, ARCS is the platform you are searching for. Not only can ARCS assist in study completion, but it can also promote long-term engagement via incentive programs and reward management that suit your audience.

Your business needs a cloud platform that helps you build, engage, and manage your panel. Choose the platform that helps you find and qualify the right people, every time. Choose ARCS.

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