It’s the most wonderful time of the Year!

No – I am not talking about Christmas…I am talking about Halloween.  Most importantly – Candy season.  For me and many others Halloween is the official season of candy, the celebration of the sweet tooth.  The season always brings up the age old discussion – what is your favorite candy?  For me the answer is simple and no candy can even come close to the number one position.  But I would like to take the opportunity to rank my personal top 5 candy choices.  Please note this is for the chocolate division only.  Perhaps in a future post we can analyze the chewy candy division (MIKE AND IKE, SWEDISH FISH!!!)

Hershey’s Dark Chocolate – very basic but you have to love the dark chocolate version.  Did you know dark chocolate has many health benefits also?  sign me up!!!

Twix Bar – a very sold candy…the milk chocolate, the wafer, always crisp.  Twix has a ton of flavor but       that light taste allowing you to eat several in one sitting without feeling slowed down

1000 Grand Bar – for me this is an underrated favorite that makes the top 5.  Maybe others feel the same but I always feel the 1000 gets overlooked by the typical candy standby’s.  This bar is a great mix of chocolate, caramel and crisped rice.

Snickers – gotta love a snickers bar.  It is the opposite of Twix in my book in that it is a nice      hearty,   filling candy bar.  Bonus points for their recent marketing campaigns which I really enjoy!

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup – for me this is the be all, end all, slam dunk #1 candy.  I love the traditional cup, love the specialty Reeses’s products (the Reece’s Christmas Tree!), from the freezer, room temperature.  It does not matter – that peanut butter and chocolate combo is unmatched.  It is nearly impossible for me to turn to a Reece’s’ cup!

So there it is – my top five candy choices in the chocolate division.  I hope this creates some good candy conversation in the office to discuss with your coworkers.


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